Help Eric Ward’s family in their time of loss


Eric marketed websites long before Google or Facebook even existed, and had such a positive impact on our industry. Ironically his nickname of “Link Moses” doesn’t capture what a great broad-based marketer he was. He was an incredibly down-to-earth, genuine person, and I’ll remember him fondly.

Biggest drop in Facebook organic reach we have ever seen


Following up on Facebook’s test of a tabbed feed I highlighted last week, here’s a look at hard data from some of the countries in which the test is live. At this point it remains only a test, but it appears that a broader rollout would almost completely kill organic visibility for businesses, as last week’s author indicated.

How many people see your content on each digital channel?


This related story highlights the percentage of content viewers on a number of major channels. Perhaps unsurprisingly, SMS and Messenger applications perform the best — but abusing those channels for promotional messaging is likely to backfire, and cut your subscriber base in a hurry.

Local SEO for service-area businesses requires a lot of servicing


What does it take to get noticed as a service-area business? Andrew Shotland does a great job of answering this common question in his latest Search Engine Land column.

Google Enhancing Local Inventory Ads, O2O Reporting


Google continues to press forward on increased monetization from local search results, and invasive offline tracking to prove the success of those ads to their advertisers.

And finally — I’m pleased to announce that Assembled has sold out!

Space constraints ended up forcing us to cap ticket sales a little earlier than anticipated, but the strong demand means we’re already looking into to another event in the coming months.

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