2017 Local Marketing Year in Review

Source: tidings.com

See which of my 2017 predictions tracked most closely with reality, and how I think we’ll remember the most important developments of 2017.

2018 Local Marketing Predictions

Source: tidings.com

As you start to plan your local marketing strategy for 2018, here’s my take on the major developments coming in the next 12 months.

Tidings Email Newsletter Pro on the App Store

Source: itunes.apple.com

Tidings now has an iOS app! It’s a very simple bookmarklet that lets customers save articles from their iPhone or iPad into their next newsletters. We’ll be adding more features over time to make the process of building a great newsletter from your iPhone even easier, but this is an important first step on that path.

Get local help with your Google Assistant

Source: www.blog.google

It’s been impossible to miss all the ads for Google Home this holiday season. And here’s how they plan to monetize all those new voice searches: with Local Services ads.

The “prescreened by Google” providers that rank in these helpful results have paid for the privilege, though it’s unclear from this blog post exactly how the HomeAdvisor and Porch integrations will work.

Create a link for customers to write reviews

Source: support.google.com

The differences between Google and Yelp could not be more stark: where Yelp asserts that there’s something nefarious about asking your customers for reviews, Google has an entire support article dedicated to helping small businesses do just that.

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