Google Q&A Rolling Out Worldwide


Q&A is a massive conversion opportunity, but also (potentially) a massive reputation management nightmare — anyone can ask any question they want, or give any answer they want, right on “your” Knowledge Panel.

How Local SEO Fits In With What You’re Already Doing


I absolutely love Miriam Ellis’s chart at the bottom of this article, showing not just how Local SEO fits into a marketing campaign, but how marketing helps underpin brand perception.

Zenith, Magna, GroupM: The Duopoly Will Capture Almost All Advertising Growth In 2018


While this article focuses on big brands, the key takeaway is relevant to businesses of all sizes: digital ad spend is going to increase, almost entirely on Google and Facebook budgets.

As both platforms become more expensive, business owners and marketers will need to find low-cost diamonds in the rough, either in terms of advertising opportunities, or in previously-underutilized channels.

I Made My Shed the Top Rated Restaurant On TripAdvisor


(And then served customers Iceland ready meals on its opening night.)

I shared this article in my other newsletter — the Agency Insider — last week.  It was so popular, I had to share with Minutive readers as well.

Yes it’s hilarious, but it also highlights the consumer dangers of fake listings and fake reviews.

StreetFight Names Tidings a Finalist for Best New Product of 2017


I’m incredibly honored that Tidings will share the same stage as PlaceIQ and Waze at next month’s Local Visionary Awards!

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