Before I dive in to this week’s stories, I’d like to let readers know about a couple changes in store for Minutive.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, as we enter the holiday season, I (and Minutive) will be taking next week off for a bit of relaxation. I hope you’ll enjoy that time off with me!

More significantly, Minutive will be switching to a bi-weekly format starting in 2018, alternating weeks with its cousin, the Tidings Agency Insider. The Agency Insider also features key stories that impact small businesses’ digital media strategy, but it’s written from an agency owner’s or consultant’s perspective.

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Google Thinks I’m Dead


“[O]ften, the misinformation appears on websites other than Google, which Google doesn’t really see as its problem.”

This column about the difficulty of changing incorrect Knowledge Panel information, and Google’s lack of support for doing so, will resonate with a lot of business owners. The author solved her problem with the only mechanism that Google actually pays attention to: negative PR in a major publication.

2018 email marketing trends from experts


100% agree with the trends towards automation and segmentation — both problems that Tidings is already tackling & will continue to improve upon in 2018.

And the GDPR, for those who aren’t yet aware, will have a massive impact on companies doing business with EU residents.

Mike Blumenthal on the Local Search Market & Strategies for Local SEO


This Rand Fishkin interview of Mike Blumenthal is over a decade old (!) but rings true today. Google’s become far more dominant in local search in the interceding 10 years, but many Google philosophies and local search tactics Mike wrote about way back then still hold up.

Squarespace SEO: 15 Optimizations You Need to Be Making


In my presentations at Mercy Corps Northwest and at our Assembled event last month, I’ve run into quite a few new business owners who’ve started their site on Squarespace–a much more limiting option than WordPress in terms of SEO.

Wish I’d had the opportunity to read this post prior to those conversations, as there are some tweaks you can make to improve performance.

Want Proof That Patience Pays Off? Ask the Founders of This 17-Year-Old $525 Million Email Empire


A great story detailing the arc of Mailchimp — just named Inc’s Company of the Year.

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