The Best Newsletters in America


Check out this ancient (1992 ? ) article from Inc. Magazine with great advice for print newsletters–that still holds true and applies equally well to digital ones.

Replay: What Local Marketers Must Know in 2018


For those who weren’t able to make my LSA webinar with Greg Sterling and Mike Blumenthal, the LSA has kindly released an archived version.

How Proximity Impacts Law Firm Rankings in Google’s Local Pack


One of the questions on our LSA Webinar asked about the “volatility” of local results. We did our best to reframe the question with our answer — namely that personalization and “black-box” sophistication were major contributors to seemingly random results.

Juris Digital is out with a well-detailed case study of just how different local results are in one of the most competitive categories in all of search: personal injury law, and suggests that organic results may be relatively undervalued as they tend to be more “stable” than pack rankings across different ZIP codes.

2017 Marketing Statistics, Trends & Data – The Ultimate List of Marketing Stats


A comprehensive compilation of stats by Hubspot.

Ingvar Kamprad, who founded furniture giant IKEA, dies at 91


IKEA and Lego are my two favorite global brands–both appeal to my borderline-OCD tinkering personality, I guess.

This AP roundup is light on details of the company’s growth and expansion (which has inspired me to learn more about it), but I found this line particularly humorous:

“But IKEA’S often-confounding assembly instructions have flummoxed so many people through the years that some couldn’t resist wondering how long it might take to put together Kamprad’s coffin in macabre posts on Twitter.”

That’s all for this week — if you’re at the StreetFight Summit in Los Angeles this week, please introduce yourself and say hi!

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