Longtime subscribers know that I typically share the top five stories from a given week to keep reading time under 60 seconds. But I came across an older item that I couldn’t resist sharing (read to the bottom to see it).

Tidings was honored with the Best New Product award at last month’s Streetfight Summit in Los Angeles! Big thanks to the judges!

Storyline lets you build and publish Alexa skills without coding

Source: t.co

You might remember Matt McGee’s article from last year about real estate agents experimenting with Alexa; this product seems to facilitate those kids of briefings very easily–once you get past the Amazon Developer Signup page. I plan to start delivering both Minutive and the Agency Insider through the service.

Google Bulletin – Hyperlocal Community News App in Testing

Source: blumenthals.com

It was easy to miss this innocuous story from Mike Blumenthal about Google’s newest news product, “Bulletin.” There are many different lenses through which to view it, but it may well be an excellent vehicle for businesses to extend the reach of their content as it develops.

Google Adds Notifications for Its Q&A Product

Source: t.co

Mike also reports Google has added (or has the intention to add) direct notifications of new questions appearing on the Knowledge Panel of local businesses. I’d highly encourage all local businesses to sign up for these, as Q&A has the potential to be devastating for your Knowledge Panels.

Is Your Inbox Asking You to Unsubscribe? Don’t Panic.

Source: litmus.com

The Litmus blog really buried the lede in this one: in certain versions, Gmail has started proactively asking subscribers if they want to unsubscribe to your email.

Moving forward it will be *essential* to track subscribers in danger of lapsing and try to re-engage them before they do in order to maintain the strength of their list. Watch the next Minutive for a great way to do that!

Yelp’s Local Economic Outlook: American Diners Show Increasing Taste for Independent Restaurants Nationwide

Source: www.yelpblog.com

Yelp of course ignores the incredible demographic bias inherent in their data — positive numbers are slanted toward the preferences of the iPhone X-wielding millennial, while negative reviews are more likely to make it through its “vaunted” filter.

What this study does highlight is that Yelpers have little inclination to leave a positive review of their experience with a chain location, so it becomes a venting platform.

All the more reason why I strongly believe brands should continue to solicit reviews on all platforms in any way they can, to improve the quality of their product and present a more accurate picture of their business to consumers who still value Yelpers’ opinions.

‘They’re bad for chefs, they’re bad for restaurants’ — Anthony Bourdain goes on an epic rant against Yelp

Source: www.businessinsider.com

Anthony Bourdain is not one of those consumers. This isn’t a current post, but the video remains delightful.

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