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Unpacking the Increasingly Complex Local SERP

Source: streetfightmag.com

Mike Blumenthal and I discuss the visually-overwhelming local services search result, how Google is weeding out businesses for each result type, and whether this is ultimately good for consumers and small businesses.

(Spoiler: it’s terrible for agencies.)

Webinar Replay: The Ins and Out of Reviews and Reputation in 2018

Source: localu.org

I’ve done quite a few webinars to kick off 2018. This installment with Mike, Aaron Weiche, and Joy Hawkins was one of the more enjoyable!

Study: 66% of Virtual Assistant Owners Say They Are Using Smartphones Less

Source: www.lsainsider.com

My ongoing hypothesis over the past several years is that voice search will indeed be cannibalistic, not additive, when it comes to local searches.

This survey data trends in that direction, though I readily admit that behavioral data would be more compelling.

“Reserve with Google” in Canada, New Booking Local Pack CTA, and a Number of UI Tests

Source: alakov.com

Take a look at that search result and tell me how a searcher would even get to Sephora’s website!

As Mike Blumenthal and I have been highlighting in our regular StreetFight column, the percentage of customer interactions happening directly at Google has been skyrocketing — at the expense of your website.

(Also, look for Reserve with Google to come to an industry near you any day now.)

Are Yelp ads worth paying for? How to figure it out

Source: searchengineland.com

The obvious answer is NO, but Joy documents why in magnificent detail.

How Some Businesses Have Had Their Yelp Listing Removed

Source: whitespark.ca

Speaking of Yelp, if you want to remove your listing, just tell them you’re a B-to-B eCommerce company?  Great research from Darren Shaw of Whitespark.

That’s it for this week!

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