Small Business, Local Schema and Tips to Get Ahead


Thanks to Melanie Nathan for the opportunity to speak to the SEMrush audience. She asked some great questions & gave me the opportunity to lay out my digital marketing worldview in just a few minutes!

What Google’s New Review Guidelines Mean for SMBs, Agencies, and Vendors


Mike Blumenthal and I discuss the big news I highlighted in the Agency Insider last week: Google has now forbidden the practice of gating reviews–i.e. funneling customers with positive experiences to leave a third-party review and those with negative experiences to share their feedback privately.

Channel Diversity in Local Search – Looking Beyond Google


Local U’s Carrie Hill is out with this thoughtful piece based on our last event in Austin, where it seemed like perhaps some local businesses didn’t understand the risks of putting all of their digital marketing eggs in the Google basket.

Google Local Services Ads – New Countries & Verticals Coming Soon?


Tom Waddington expects Local Services ads to launch in a lot of new cities soon. And beyond that, more verticals and countries in 2018.

I can’t overstate the disruptiveness to both organic and paid search results that these ads pose. If they’re in your market, you’ll basically have to participate.

Google My Business Description Gets the Catbird Seat


Phil Rozek highlights just how visible the new Description field is in your Knowledge Panel. Admittedly I haven’t done nearly enough to optimize Tidings’ own real estate, but I guess now’s the time to start.

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