In last week’s Agency Insider, I mentioned I’d share the effect of the EU’s new GDPR permission requirements on my own email list. Based on what I’ve seen on Twitter and read across the marketing landscape, the results were both expected and unexpected.

The number of Minutive subscribers dropped to a third of my original subscriber volume (947 to 315). Kind of a bummer, but I’m grateful to have that many people interested in reading! This was basically inline with percentages I’ve seen elsewhere.

Unexpectedly, the number of Agency Insider subscribers actually increased by 10% (325 to 296). GDPR actually helped me expand my readership of my secondary newsletter among folks who may not have known I was even publishing it.

I’m sure I could have done a better job at trying to re-engage Minutive subscribers than a single email the day before the GDPR deadline, but as you know better than I do, marketing isn’t always at the top of the list when you’re running a small business!

For those of you who chose to implement GDPR compliance, I’d be curious to hear how it affected your own readership.

Without any further ado, here are the top 5 stories that caught my eye this week:

Google’s Local Improvements—Posts Become Essential, and Mike Wins the Bet!


Mike and I discuss Google’s impressive release cycles in Local and I grudgingly concede that Posts appear to be here to stay (and one of the easiest SEO tactics that small businesses can leverage).

Leveraging Mobile Email Key To Multichannel Engagement


The last sentence of this analytical piece from Yes Lifecycle Marketing piqued my interest at least as much as the rest of the article:

“Also of note, newsletters generated a 12% click-to-open rate, which is 40% higher than that of standard emails.”

In the context of the earlier metrics reported by the study, consumers appear to be less interested in a barrage of discount-focused emails than a regular cadence of both offers and informational content.

The Optimal Local Landing Page For Law Firms


The Nifty Marketing team has updated one of its best pieces of evergreen content with new data on the percentage of top-performing law firms who utilize each landing page attribute.

Even if you’re not in the legal field, you can/should still implement a number of the best practices this infographic highlights.

How Do Consumers Choose in a World of Automated Ordering?


As mobile transactions continue to increase and we move into a world of voice search, brands of all sizes risk commoditization and disintermediation by the likes of Google and Amazon. We’re already seeing this outcome play out somewhat with Google’s Local Service ads.

Local businesses will need to expand the bottom of their “marketing hourglass” (h/t John Jantsch) and expand the potency of their existing customer relationships through online reviews, loyalty, and advocacy, as Google and Amazon commoditize (and monetize) the top of the search-related funnel.

When Asking for Reviews Is Just Too Much And Not Enough


Worth reading purely to ogle Mike’s stunning photos of Alaska. But you should take his core message to heart as well: review solicitation without a good underlying customer experience is not only wasted effort, but it might actually backfire on your local brand.

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