Empower local merchants to promote brand-selected content to your mutual customers.

Email marketing is amazing. With a 40:1 ROI, it's the most cost-effective marketing channel there is, for a whole range of businesses.

But it's often hard for small businesses to come up with what to say, time-consuming to say it, and cumbersome to deal with formatting and sending it.

Tidings makes all that easy -- and lets you drive the content they're promoting.

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Distributed Newsletter Platform Overview

How It Works


Budget-Friendly Pricing

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Our pricing makes it easy to make email newsletters a staple of your local marketing efforts.

$77/month includes your first 7 accounts, and each additional account is just $7/month after that. You can determine your exact cost using this handy calculator, based on the number of merchants you manage.

Offer Tidings on an opt-in basis to merchants at a steep discount on retail pricing, or bundle it into your existing partner program and add additional value with no extra work.

Our Customers Are Amazing #humblebrag


total newsletters sent


better than the industry average open rate
(34.3% overall vs. 21.3% average)


better click rate than the industry average
(5.43% overall vs. 2.62% average)

Source: Tidings customer data vs. Mailchimp Email Benchmarks, March 2021

Newsletter Platform Highlights

Make Tidings yours.

Use your brand's logo, font stack, and color scheme. You can even host on your own domain or subdomain.

Top-down or bottom-up content: your choice.

Control what your merchants send subscribers, or provide a running start with your content as a foundation.

Local account control on-demand.

Configure account setup or provide ongoing account management behind the scenes.

Embed our onboarding widget anywhere.

Let merchants serve themselves from your own website or intranet.

Add value and grow your local sales.

Deep discounts on retail pricing available.

All Tidings features available.

Perfect branding, ESP integration, easy content via feed and browser extensions--everything's included.

“Do your clients tell you they never have time to send a newsletter? Well, with Tidings, they magically have time to send a newsletter.”

—Dana DiTomaso, President & Partner, Kick Point

Tidings Platform Case Studies

Why I started Tidings

It should be easy for every small business to send a great email newsletter to its customers.

Email is one of the few digital marketing channels you own. And it continues to be one of the most effective.

But half of small businesses owners aren't yet sending a newsletter. And for the ones who are, newsletters take way too long to create.

—David Mihm, Founder

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The Tidings Platform gives you a powerful, turnkey way for your merchants to promote your content to their subscribers. Together, you'll increase in-market sales and complement your other local brand efforts.

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