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Beacons are physical-world sensors that collect data from and push data to digital devices around them.

Foot traffic sensors
The typical use-case for beacons in a small business context is as a foot-traffic sensor. A beacon can gather information about who’s walking in your front door and display a push notification from you, or simply keep track of who’s walked in your door. You can then use this information to remarket your products and services to them, or find additional consumers who share their geographic or demographic characteristics.

Kubrick called it
The dystopian future of beacons is the famous “Minority Report” scene in which a hologram welcomes Mr. Yakamoto (Tom Cruise with transplanted eyeballs) back to the Gap. This is possible with beacons today, not eye-scanning, but the major tech companies have shelved it (for now) due to the creepiness factor.

A less invasive option
Free wifi portals offer the same benefits of beacons to the business, with more explicit opt-in permission from the consumer.

See where Beacons fits into the overall stack in:

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