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Too many small businesses overlook the importance of content in their web presence, either ignoring it altogether or outsourcing it to an SEO agency who just writes some keyword-laden drivel in the hopes of attracting search engines.

Your content should be authentic, informative, and focused on your customers.

  • Why should customers choose you?
    Do you use the freshest ingredients? Have the fastest service? Unmatched years of expertise? You should clearly convey your value to your customers (and if appropriate, how that differs from your competition).
  • What are the most common questions that customers call, email, or ask you about in person?
    Answering the questions that people are already asking can not only help you rank for those same questions when prospects type them into a search engine, but also convert them once they land on your website or see them answered on social media.
  • Don’t forget–photos and videos are content, too!
    Don’t know what to write about? That’s OK! Think about visual case studies, video interviews with staff or clients, portfolio pieces…any visual that conveys what it’s like to work with you is great content!
  • Share others’ content.
    It’s not kosher to steal content, but sharing a snippet and giving your own perspective on it will interest your audience and flatter the original creator. It also positions you as a thought leader on top of the latest trends in your industry.
  • Ask your customers.
    Customer testimonials and reviews are some of your most powerful content. Not only are they persuasive and illustrative of what it’s like to visit you or work with you, but they’re likely to be peppered with keywords that will help you rank better in search engines.
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