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Conversion Rate Optimization

Zone 4 • Difficulty: • Sugg. D.I.Y. Monthly Budget: $100+

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, is a logical next step after you’ve dipped your toe into the waters of Landing Pages.

Convert visitors to customers.
CRO software, or a CRO expert, helps you analyze the landing page data from your various analytics programs and suggests changes to color, layout, copy, and more, in order to convert even more visitors to those pages into customers.

A natural extension of Landing Pages.
Many landing page companies are now baking in CRO as a core feature of their products, and we suspect that landing pages and CRO will continue to blend together over time.

Extend what you learn.
The improvements you make to your landing pages don’t have to stop with paid campaigns.  Use what you learn from your CRO expert (or software) and update pages that get most of their traffic from organic sources with the same best practices.



See where Conversion Rate Optimization fits into the overall stack in:

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