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Customer Data

Zone 1 • Difficulty: • Sugg. D.I.Y. Monthly Budget: $5+

Customer data can refer to a whole range of attributes, but at a minimum, every business should collect an email address from every customer (and prospect, if appropriate), and maintain a spreadsheet or database of each customer’s purchase history.

Useful even if you don’t have the time to use it
Even if you as a business owner never have the time to look at this data (a common situation!), software products are springing up left and right that can ingest this data, augment it with data from third-party sources, and analyze it for you with a keystroke. Over time, once your database gets large enough, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions about how and where to spend your marketing budget, and in some cases have software execute those campaigns for you automatically based on the data from your existing customers.

A big long-term payoff
These campaigns will both lower your marketing costs and make your marketing more effective, but it all starts with having an intentional plan to gather the data initially.



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