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Domain Name

Zone 1 • Difficulty: • Initial Cost: $9+

Your domain name is your business’s address on the web, and it’s fundamental to the permanent identity of your business.

Many of the best domain names have either been reserved by other businesses or are cost-prohibitive, so it might require a little creativity to find a great one.

Before settling on your choice, here are a few tips:

  • .Com is still the most credible extension, but consider acquiring the .org and .net versions as well.
    It’ll only cost you a few extra dollars per year, and you’ll want to make sure that a spammer doesn’t acquire them for nefarious purposes.
  • Keywords in your domain name will help you with SEO.
    It’s easy to get carried away with keywords, though, and it’s much better to keep at least part of your domain unique, for both SEO and branding purposes.
  • Just because a domain name is unavailable doesn’t mean you can’t acquire it.
    Plenty of names that are “taken” may actually be available from their current owners. With the help of an experienced negotiator, you may be able to acquire just the name you’re looking for, albeit at a premium.
  • Say your domain name out loud.
    You’re going to want to tell people offline where they can find you online. If you choose a name like “Portland dash oregon dash florist dot com” just because it’s available…think about the impression that conveys to your customers and how memorable it is for them. Maybe “Northwest floral dot com” is a better option once you say it out loud.

The company with whom you reserve your domain is called your “registrar,”and while many of them provide further operational and marketing components beyond domain names, it’s not essential (or recommended) to use the same company for all of these items. Just get started by reserving your domain name, ignore up-sells from your registrar, and do your research about the best companies for each subsequent component.

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