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Zone 2 • Difficulty: • Sugg. D.I.Y. Monthly Budget: $20+

Since the dawn of the Internet, small business owners have ranked email marketing as one of their top three marketing channels (the other two today are usually social media and SEO). While various “experts” have predicted the demise of email for years, the reality is that it remains a ubiquitous and effective communication channel for businesses and consumers alike.

Newsletters and promotional emails get many-times greater visibility than unpaid posts on social media, and unlike SEO, email is a marketing channel that small business owners intuitively understand.

3 C’s to success with email marketing include:

  • Compelling
    Many small business owners fear sending too many emails, and with good reason. We’ve all unsubscribed from countless mailing lists because the content of the emails came too frequently and just wasn’t interesting.Regardless of how often you send, each time you do the content you include should be compelling–and if possible, personalized to the subscriber’s interests.
  • Clean
    We’ll use this term to refer to both the design of your emails — keep them uncluttered and with clear calls to action, and make sure they look good on mobile devices — as well as the hygiene of your mailing list. Never, ever send someone an email who hasn’t explicitly opted-in to receive it. You may get away with it for awhile, but one too-many complaints can flag you as a spammer and can impact the deliverability to your entire mailing list.
  • Consistent
    Set expectations for your subscribers when they sign up. Will you email them daily weekly? monthly? quarterly? Stick with a regular schedule to create the best brand impression and receive the most word-of-mouth benefit.
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