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Influencer marketing seems to be all the rage as a modern form of old-school endorsement. One of the reasons brands (and influencers) have gravitated to it so quickly is the lack of clear guidelines around how to designate a sponsored post. Posts that blur the line between genuine endorsement and paid promotion tend to perform at least as well as those distributed through a platform’s formal advertising infrastructure.

An increasingly slippery slope for large brands
There’s some indication that the FTC may start cracking down on some of the more egregious offenses involving globally-popular influencers, but it’s unlikely they’ll have the resources to enforce a conflict of interest by a local influencer with a few hundred or a few thousand followers anytime soon.

The risk for smaller companies
The risk of damage to your brand in the court of public opinion remains substantial, however, if word gets out that your business is involved in a clear conflict of interest.

A fundamental marketing technique
Influencer marketing doesn’t need an inherent conflict of interest, though.  In fact, getting your product, service, or content in front of movers-and-shakers has long been a fundamental marketing best practice–as long as there’s no quid pro quo implied or expressed.

Relationships, relationships, relationships
That takes real relationship-building over time, and an understanding of how you might be able to help the influencer beyond just a monetary payment.  There’s no magic formula for building those relationships, though there are a few low-cost tools that can help with your outreach.

See where Influencers fits into the overall stack in:

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