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Landing Pages

Zone 4 • Difficulty: • Sugg. D.I.Y. Monthly Budget: $30+

Technically, every page on your site *is* a landing page. But what we’re referring to here are pages that are specially designed to convert a particular kind of web visitor into taking a particular action.

What’s on the landing page varies by industry.
So, for example, you might drive prospective customers from a paid search or paid social media campaign to a landing page where they enter their email address in order to download an e-book.  Or register for an event you’re hosting.  Or just purchase a particular product you’re especially interested in selling.

Squeeze the most customers out of every ad dollar.
Well-designed landing pages convert more customers and make your paid advertising (and organic media) more cost-effective by getting you more customers for the same amount of ad spend.

Use a third-party vendor.
If you’re not an HTML whiz (and even if you are), these pages can be super time-consuming to create, and there’s a number of best practices you might not be aware of, so it’s best to use a third-party vendor to streamline the process and automate the implementation of some of these best practices.

See where Landing Pages fits into the overall stack in:

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