The Local Marketing Stack

Local Profiles

Zone 2 • Difficulty: • Sugg. D.I.Y. Monthly Budget: $10+

Local Profiles (in particular Google My Business and Yelp) are the foundation of any local business’s search engine presence.

Your primary digital channel
We are moving into an era in which searchers or social media visitors may interact with your business entirely on your local profile, whether that’s placing a call, getting driving directions, knowing when you’re open (or busy), reading reviews, booking an appointment viewing photos of your business, or learning about your service offerings.

Don’t stop with Name, Address, and Phone number
Claiming these profiles, keeping them up-to-date with accurate information, adding rich business attributes like photos, menus, and certifications–all of these are essential to convert people who are looking for your business into customers, and may even help you attract customers who don’t yet know you by name.

Paid services can augment your basic listings — to a point
You can extend your local profile presence using paid services, but be wary of services that tout the breadth of sites to which they distribute your data–if you haven’t even heard of those sites, let alone use them yourself, chances are they’re not all that valuable.

See where Local Profiles fits into the overall stack in:

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