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One of the oldest forms of advertising is still one of the most cost-effective…although there are several companies that have recently put new twists on the idea.

The established incumbent
In terms of online classifieds, Craigslist is still the king in many markets, but posts expire quickly and because of Craigslist’s stringent terms of service, there are very few ways in which to automate your presence on the site.

The challengers
Newer classified marketplaces like Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor/AngiesList enable business owners to post once about their products or services, and then receive requests from consumers who have expressed interest in these products and services. Rather than the old newspaper-style model of paying a fixed fee per ad, these sites allow you to pay a fixed fee per lead based on the value of the project or customer.

A little more neighborly…
In a way, NextDoor operates a little like a classifieds website as well, allowing residents of a particular neighborhood to post their needs and have business owners (or fellow neighbors, or both) respond to those needs.

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