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Zone 5 • Difficulty: • Sugg. D.I.Y. Monthly Budget: $50+

Display advertising is a concept as old as the Internet itself — banner ads have proliferated on sites across the web as a means for publishers to make money. While traditional banner ads still exist, both publishers and advertisers have found that so-called “native” ads–ads that look more like editorial content than banner ads–perform better and lead to more clickthroughs. Historically they’ve been harder for ad-blocking software to detect, but that’s becoming less and less true.

Same networks, different placement
Things like “sponsored content” and “content from around the web” that you often see in the footers or sidebars of editorial articles are examples of native/display advertising. Many of the same demographic targeting features that are available with paid search and paid social media are available with native and display ads, since the same networks (Google, Facebook, and a few others) are often the ones serving those ads.

One-off advertorials may perform better
True sponsored content takes considerable time to do well and as a small business, it’s often even harder to build relationships with publications who will feature that content.  In-stream ads may be commercially-available, however, and will perform best when their look-and-feel matches that of the publication in which they are served.

See where Native/Display fits into the overall stack in:

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