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Zone 5 • Difficulty: • Sugg. D.I.Y. Monthly Budget: $100+

Paid search is the only way to guarantee a #1 ranking on Google or Bing. (And even if you bid more than your competitors, it’s still not a guarantee of ranking #1, but that’s a topic for another day).

Becoming increasingly important
The fact is, Google and Bing are both forcing more and more businesses to pay for visibility as ads take over more and more search results.  If you know your audience well, and the search terms that likely buyers are going to use, paid search can be a phenomenal channel to acquire customers.

Let’s meet the contestants, Alex.
Google Adwords
and Bing Ads are the primary paid search platforms. They’re both extremely complex and are primarily used by SEM (Search Engine Marketing) professionals. It’s easy to waste a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Start slow with Adwords Express
But Google offers a version of Adwords geared towards small businesses called Adwords Express that has gotten much more effective in the last few years, and if you’re looking to get started in paid search, that’s what we recommend. There aren’t as many levers and pulleys to finely-tune your ad campaigns, but success (or failure) with Adwords Express should give you an indication of whether it’s time to engage and SEM professional to manage a full-blown Adwords or Bing Ads campaign.



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