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Radio Ads

Zone 6 • Difficulty: • Sugg. D.I.Y. Monthly Budget: $40+

We readily admit, we have very little experience with radio advertising. But small business owners typically rate radio ads well down the list of best sources of new customers.

Hard to take action
While there’s something to be said for the captive audience that radio ads deliver, the most common consumer usage of radio is not likely to occur in a place where they can take action on an advertisement instantly (i.e. in transit from one place to another). And at least with traditional radio, the demographic targeting is not nearly as fine-grained as what digital advertising allows.

Branding first; think non-traditional
Thus, if you are going to use radio, our recommendation is to use it as primarily a branding channel, perhaps to reinforce more targeted digital or offline advertising. And consider using more modern radio platforms like Spotify or Pandora to increase the degree to which you can target your ads at a particular demographic segment.

See where Radio Ads fits into the overall stack in:

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