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Zone 4 • Difficulty: • Sugg. D.I.Y. Monthly Budget: $10+

As part of their free business offerings, most prominent social media sites provide basic metrics around likes/followers/fans as well as audience reach of individual content or aggregate reach of all of your content.

Limited actionability from free analytics
But these topline metrics are rarely meaningful or actionable (the suggested action is usually an upsell attempt into paid advertising to boost them even higher!).

Upgrade if you’re an active social median
Depending on your frequency of social media usage and the size of your audience, it may benefit you to connect a more robust, third-party analytics suite to give you insights into exactly who your biggest fans are, your most popular content, the best time(s) to post new content, and more — and especially which members of your digital audience are simply fans, which are prospects, and which are regular customers or even lapsed customers. The best analytics packages help you make informed decisions about which marketing is performing best for you and give you specific action items for how to improve it (or make it more cost-effective).

See where Social Analytics fits into the overall stack in:

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