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Social media consistently ranks as one of the top three marketing channels among small business owners. And with good reason — everyone’s on Facebook, you don’t have to be a technical expert to be great at social media, and the possibility of one of your posts going viral holds tremendous appeal.

Social Media is increasingly becoming pay-to-play.
But be careful not to think of social media as a silver bullet for your entire marketing strategy. Only a few fans out of 100 will see an average post from you on the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, as these companies start constricting organic visibility in favor of advertising.

Don’t fall victim to Shiny Object Syndrome.
Just because Snapchat is taking off with Generation Z, for example, doesn’t mean your business needs to be active on Snapchat.

Prioritize your time and energy based on your customers.
A good social media presence takes time to build, and doesn’t have to be the same quality across all channels.  Think about where your customers are likely to hang out online (the best way to do this is simply to ask them!), and that’s where you should be spending time as a business owner.



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