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Whether or not your business has the time, energy, or budget to be active on social media, all businesses should claim a profile on each major social media channel.

Claim whether you’ll use it immediately or not
The primary reason? You never know how big your business will get, or what direction you’ll decide to go in, and it’s important to claim a desirable username for your business as soon as you can to ensure it’s still available when you want it.

Good for reputation management and SEO
In addition, your social media profiles often rank well in Google when people search for your business. Not only is this good for reputation management, but the strong brand associations between your social media profiles and your website can help your website rank well for keywords far beyond your brand name.

Direct customers to an alternate channel where you are active
So take at least a few minutes to claim a profile on the major social media networks in your industry. Upload a good logo and/or photo, and if you don’t plan to be active on a particular network, direct customers who visit that profile to the network where you DO plan to be active in your bio or descriptive text (if any–maybe it’s your email newsletter, or even just your website!).

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