You’ve already created a great newsletter. (You just didn’t know it.)

How Our Service Works, in a Nutshell

1. Connect

Starting out, we pull your branding from the social media profile you select into an editable, mobile-friendly template.

2. Customize

From there, you can re-order the content, remove posts that are no longer relevant, and edit the snippets for each post. You can also add new posts simply by pasting their address.

3. Send

Once you’re happy with your newsletter, connect your Email Service Provider account and choose the list you want to send to. Send your newsletter immediately, or schedule it for a more opportune time in the future.

4. Relax

Then, sit back, relax, and figure out what to do with the extra hours you used to spend putting your newsletter together–most of our customers take less than 10 minutes to send their newsletter from start to finish!

Watch our team member Tatiana go "from nothing to newsletter" in 5 minutes in the video below, or read on for more details.

Getting Started

Get started by entering your Facebook Business Page address (URL) or Instagram handle in our  widget.

With this tiny bit of information, we’re able to learn a lot about your business, including the name of your business, your branding, what industry you’re in, and of course any content you’ve shared.

All of these attributes help us customize your newsletter, and help you get the most out of our service.

Your Newsletter Preview

With your Facebook Page or Instagram information, we’re able to generate a preview of what your first newsletter might look like.

Your preview is 100% editable, and is designed to give you as full an experience of the product as we can.

Newsletter Branding

We automatically pull your logo/profile photo (and cover photo from your Facebook Page), and resize them for optimal performance in emails.

Feel free to upload a replacement for either or both (or remove either or both) simply by clicking Change/Hide on either image.

Configure Your Newsletter Style

We’ve tried to match your newsletter template to your website as closely as possible, but you can easily adjust the color scheme and font of your newsletter. Just choose your desired color and font from the palette or dropdown menus and Apply your changes.

Keep in mind that due to limitations of certain email clients–including Gmail and GSuite–not all subscribers will be able to view your email using your custom font. We’ll show a close-replacement font in these cases.

Your Subject Line, Introduction, and Call-to-Action

As with all text areas of your newsletter, your subject line, introduction, and call-to-action are completely editable.  Give your readers an idea of what caught your attention most in this newsletter, and/or direct them to an action (such as saving 20% on their next service, or giving you a referral).

On your desktop or laptop computer, simply click your cursor into one of these fields and start typing.

On mobile devices, tap the desired field to pull up your device’s keyboard.

Review and Adjust Your Content

We’ll automatically include the last 5 articles you’ve shared on Facebook or Instagram (within the last 45 days) in your newsletter.

As with your subject, introduction, and call-to-action, the title and snippet for each article is fully editable. So if you want to adjust the content of any article, simply move your cursor into these areas and start typing to edit.

You can also change the order of articles by dragging the icon, and remove articles you don’t want to share in your newsletter by tapping the  icon.

Add New Articles

It’s easy to add new articles to your newsletter, too.

Just copy the link address from your browser, paste it in the box, and tap Add.  You’ll see the article added to your newsletter in real-time!

You can change the position of the new article by dragging it just like any other article. And if you don’t like the article’s title or snippet, feel free to edit them.

Your Content Stream

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you’ll see additional articles appear in the righthand sidebar of your newsletter builder (desktop) or in the drawer after clicking “Add Articles to Newsletter” (mobile).

These articles come from your Facebook Page, our suggested content stream, and any RSS feeds you might have added during configuration. You’ll see the source denoted by the  or icon.

To add them to your newsletter, simply drag them from your stream into the desired spot in your newsletter (desktop) or click the  icon (mobile).

Send a Preview of Your Newsletter

Once you’re happy with your content, it’s a good idea to send yourself a preview of your newsletter, just to make sure there are no typos. (You can also send a preview to a colleague or customer for their feedback.)

To do so, simply look for the gray “Send Preview” button in the Delivery Details section of the newsletter builder.

Connect Your Email Service Provider

Our product integrates with your existing email service provider to send your newsletter — no code updates or new sign-up forms required.

It’s a set-it-and-forget-it integration. Simply click the icon of your email service provider, enter your account credentials, and all of your lists and segments will now be available to send to.

Send (or Schedule) Your Newsletter

W00t — the grand finale!

Choose your newsletter recipients by selecting your desired list or segment from the dropdown menu.

If you want to send your newsletter immediately, just click Send.

But, if you’d like to schedule it in advance click Change to pull up the scheduling interface. Choose your desired time and date, and click Schedule.

That’s it!  Sit back and relax while we do the rest.

Take Advantage of Our Bonus Add-Ons

It’s easy to save articles to your next newsletter as you come across them in your day-to-day browsing activities.

To get started, head on over to your Settings page and create an Account Key. Your Key lets us know to which newsletter to save the articles, without having to log in every time.

Next, install our browser extension for Chrome or Firefox, or download our iOS app and paste in your Key.


That’s it! You can now save articles from around the web with a single click.

Those of you who run your websites on WordPress may also want to install our WordPress plugin, which automatically publishes your newsletters to your site or blog. (Your Settings page also enables you to add and edit RSS feeds and create default subject lines, introductions, calls-to-action, and outros, so you won’t have to re-type them for every newsletter.)

That does it for the guided tour—thanks so much for checking it out!

If you have specific questions about the product or ideas for new features, we're all ears! Just let us know using the form below.

—David Mihm
Founder, Tidings

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