Customer Billing

Each customer you sign up receives a free 21-day trial, just as direct Tidings customers do. At the end of their trial, they’re presented with a confirmation screen that acknowledges they’ll be charged for the service moving forward.

What that charge is, is completely up to you. By default, the Platform hides billing from your managed accounts, meaning you’re free to charge your clients whatever and however you’d like:

  • Bundle a weekly or monthly newsletter as part of an existing program
  • add it as a line-item, or
  • offer it purely on a self-service basis.

It’s 100% your choice.

You’ll pay $77/month for your first 7 accounts, and then $77/month per account once you’ve crossed that threshold.

You’ll be invoiced based on the number of Active (non-Trial) customers in your account as of the 15th of each month. Payment to Tidings may be made via credit card or check, and is due on the 1st of the subsequent month.

That does it for the guided tour!  Thanks for checking out the Tidings Platform.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a live demo, please let us know using the form below: