Customer Onboarding

There are four ways to onboard customers from your Manager Portal, three of which are in the screenshot below. The fourth is under the Extras tab of your Manager configuration section.

Add Customer


  • Email Address
    If you offer Tidings as a self-service product, this should be the email address of the customer. If you offer Tidings as a managed-service product, this can be an email address that you control.We just need to create an account email address first; you’ll be asked to connect a primary social account after the account has been created.
  • Welcome Email
    Choose whether you’d like to send the customer an automated email welcoming them to your newsletter service — note that you will need to send their password separately in order for them to log in.

Invite via Email

Inviting your customer via email takes them through an automated sequence in which they:

  • Receive an invitation to your company’s newsletter service in their inbox.
  • Click the call-to-action in the invitation to be taken to a page with your onboarding widget embedded.
  • Authenticate their Facebook or Instagram profile.
  • View a preview of their newsletter.
  • Sign up for an account.
  • Receive a welcome email to your newsletter service.

Onboarding Link

This is a link you can simply send customers directly that will take customers through a self-service onboarding process. It’s identical to our own onboarding process, except it’ll be on your custom domain (if you’ve configured one) and feature your Platform’s logo, font, and color scheme (with no mention of Tidings).

Onboarding Widget

You can also embed our onboarding widget on any page you’d like — your website, a landing page, or an intranet page — and take customers through that same self-service onboarding process. Again, it’s 100% your branding with no mention of Tidings.