Why I Started Tidings

Tidings Founder David Mihm

It should be easy for every small business to send a great email newsletter to its customers.

I’ve spent over a decade helping local businesses get better rankings on Google. But increasingly, the forces within Google and outside of it are making SEO far less effective for local businesses–and less cost-effective–than it used to be.

With each algorithmic update, Facebook becomes more and more pay-to-play.

Which leaves email as the last, best organic marketing option. It’s one of the few remaining channels you own. And it continues to be one of the most effective.

But there’s a big gap between the potential of email and the time and expertise it takes to be successful with it.

Half of small businesses owners aren’t yet sending a newsletter. And for the ones who are, newsletters take way too long to create.

I know from personal experience. I started our own newsletter in early 2016 and was immediately exhausted by dealing with templates and formatting. Not to mention content our subscribers find interesting.

So, I decided automate my own process for generating these newsletters. The result of that automation is Tidings.

I invite you to see just how fast, easy, (and fun!) creating a newsletter can be with our product. Just enter your favorite social media handle below and send your first one in just a few minutes.

And if I can ever answer any questions, please feel free to ask ’em here.