Hard to believe it’s already been 6 weeks since we launched Tidings. We’ve had some great feedback from our initial customers, including Evan Swanson, Mike Blumenthal, and John Doherty, and I’m excited for the next quarter of development.

On our roadmap are:

  • Constant Contact integration
  • Ability to update header logo and cover photo directly from Tidings
  • Browser extension
  • (and more, of course)

In the meantime, here are some new features we recently added:

Facebook post integration:

Anything you share on your business Facebook Page will automatically get pulled into your next newsletter for review. Hopefully this reduces the time it takes for you to create a great newsletter even more than our product already did :).

(Incidentally, if you are an entrepreneur, or you know of any entrepreneurs, in Austin you should totally nominate yourself or them for these awards from the local SCORE chapter!)

Email reminders when it’s time to send another newsletter

One of the keys to having success with a newsletter is to be consistent with its timing, but obviously, running your business it’s easy to get too busy and forget when you’re supposed to send one. So we’ll automatically remind you 24 hours before your customers would expect your next newsletter.

These reminders were part of the initial product, and you may even have received the first one…but to be completely honest, we accidentally turned them off in the first part of March, and just turned them back on again yesterday.

If you’re not yet on a paid plan, they’ll be sent to you weekly. And If you’d rather not receive them, they’re easily disabled on your settings page.

Simplified building and sending UI:

A number of customers gave us some great feedback on making the article selection and editing process easier to use, and selecting a Mailchimp list and scheduling an email more obvious.  Hopefully you agree with these suggestions and our new UI!

Monthly newsletter plan:

A number of customers and prospective customers weren’t sure if sending a newsletter weekly was the right cadence for them. So we’ve added a monthly newsletter plan @ $19/mo. for businesses where that frequency is more appropriate.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Tidings both in-person and on social media thus far! Looking forward to another great quarter!

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