As I’ve started down the path of marketing our agency platform over the past few months, one of the things that’s surprised me has been the number of our resellers for whom email marketing is a brand-new service offering.

It seems many of the consultants and agency owners in my network at least have exclusively sold SEO and paid search to their prospects and clients. Keyword research, title tags, links, and citations…it feels like many folks are bundling basically the same services they did in 2010.

Reading the tea leaves of Google’s strategic direction and market position, I think that’s a dangerous recipe.

The search landscape and broader digital landscape has changed dramatically during that time, and in particular the last 9-10 months have seen a colossal shift in local SERP features.

Small businesses’ awareness of SEO has grown dramatically in the last few years, but there are already indications that they are feeling the squeeze created by this new landscape: direct mail is now rated as a more effective channel.

Agencies who don’t adjust their offerings to fit may still be able to sell SEO, but run the risk of a lot of disappointed customers unless they package and fulfill it appropriately. Particularly at the lower end of the market, it’s essential to update your service offerings to adjust to this new reality.

I’ve given versions of the following presentation at AAN, SMX West, ADP, Local U Advanced, and on my webinar with this Spring. I hope it helps you figure out how to evolve your agency for continued, long-term success.