The easiest, most profitable way to offer newsletters to your clients.

Join some of the top agencies in small business marketing and start offering email newsletters to your clients.

Over two dozen marketing agencies and consultants already use Tidings to share knowledge with their clients about industry trends, community events, and personal initiatives.

Now, you can join those agencies, expand your content marketing offering, and provide the complete Tidings product with your branding to your clients.

It's email marketing that sells itself.

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Margin-Friendly Pricing


includes your first 7 accounts
$7/account/month after that

Our pricing makes it easy to add an email newsletter as a core service offering with minimal hard costs.

Offer Tidings as a managed service at hundreds of dollars per month and radically grow your profit margin, or bundle it into your existing social media service offering and add additional value with no extra work.

How much money can you make with Tidings?

Total Monthly Revenue
Monthly Breakdown

Total Cost: $172

Cost of Tidings: $112
Employee cost: $60

Total Revenue: $1200

Total Profit: $1028

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Give your clients an easy, surefire way to reach their customers.

Email marketing is amazing. With a 40:1 ROI, it's the most cost-effective marketing channel there is, for a whole range of businesses. But it's often hard for small businesses to come up with what to say, time-consuming to say it, and cumbersome to deal with formatting and sending it. Tidings makes all that easy.

Our Customers Are Amazing #humblebrag


total newsletters sent


better than the industry average open rate
(34.3% overall vs. 21.3% average)


better click rate than the industry average
(5.43% overall vs. 2.62% average)

Source: Tidings customer data vs. Mailchimp Email Benchmarks, March 2021

Agency Platform Highlights

Make Tidings yours.

Use your own unique logo, font stack, and color scheme. You can even host on your own domain or subdomain.

Invite clients automatically.

Just enter their email address and our invite system takes care of the rest.

Embed our onboarding widget anywhere.

Let prospects serve themselves from your own website.

Client account control on-demand.

Configure account setup or provide ongoing account management behind the scenes.

Add value and grow your margins.

Deep discounts on retail pricing available.

All Tidings features available.

Perfect branding, ESP integration, easy content via feed and browser extensions--everything's included.

“Do you have clients who tell you they never have time to send a newsletter? Well, with Tidings, they magically have time to send a newsletter.”

—Dana DiTomaso, President & Partner, Kick Point

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The Tidings Agency Platform provides a powerful, concrete deliverable to offer your clients to complement your other harder-to-measure offerings like SEO and social media.

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